Table of Contents



  Headspacing explained

  Legal Considerations

  Tools & Safety

  Tools Needed List

  Note on Virgin Barrels

  Barrel Population Steps

  Major Components

  STEP 1 Measuring the barrel journals

  STEP 2 Cut extractor relief on chamber end of the barrel

  STEP 3 Cut the clocking notches for the lower hand guard retainer

  STEP 4 Strip bolt, in preparation for headspace check

  STEP 5 Align, and press front trunnion onto chamber end of barrel


  STEP 6 End mill/ream barrel pin notch, and set barrel pin

  STEP 7 Install, and drill/pin Rear Sight Base

  STEP 8 Locate, and cut lower handguard retaining notch

  STEP 9 Gas Port location

  STEP 10 Install Lower Handguard Retainer

  STEP 11 Install, and align the gas block

  STEP 12 Drill and pin the gas block

  STEP 13 Install, and align the Front Sight Base

STEP 14 Drill, and pin FSB

  STEP 15 Bolt Reassembly

  APPENDIX I – Parts suppliers

  APPENDIX II – Tool suppliers

  APPENDIX III – DIY reference & tips / Jigs / Plans

  About the Authors

  Other Books in the Series

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